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Doing Well and Doing More–Community Support Model

By March 3, 2020December 21st, 2020No Comments

Each of the gated communities supporting Habitat is filled with dreamers and doers. More importantly, they are filled with successful dreamers who take action. This year, each of our gated communities has challenged themselves to give more, to build more, to sacrifice more.

By partnering with Habitat, the gated communities have enthusiastically brought people together to build homes, communities, and hope. Their commitment to empowering hardworking families to break the cycle of poverty through affordable homeownership is evident by their ever-growing partnerships with Habitat for Humanity. But perhaps the most significant contribution from our community supporters is the inspiration to do more.

Over the past few months, the neighborhood committees supporting Habitat for Humanity of Lee and Hendry Counties have busily conducted their 2020 fundraising and building campaigns. Leaders from the Bonita Bay and Pelican Landing Habitat committees as well as the Shadow Wood Charitable Foundation have organized kickoff events to galvanize supporters of Habitat for Humanity living within their communities. Indeed, those three communities have committed to building one more home each this year for hard-working southwest Florida families.

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. Echoing the sentiment of Habitat’s mission statement, this high-performing neighborhood committee model provides an excellent opportunity for residents to connect with one another. “The committee brings the donors and nail pounders together,” said Bonita Bay Habitat Chairwoman, Dorota Harris. “It creates a special connection between the individual neighborhoods in Bonita Bay and encourages new residents to become involved—helping them find neighbors with a similar passion for service,” she continued.

Another clear motivation for becoming involved with Habitat is recognizing the need and understanding the interconnectedness between housing and public health. “The founders of Pelican Landing’s involvement with Habitat knew that affordable housing was critical for Bonita Springs and the wellbeing of its residents,” said Pelican Landing Committeeman, Ron Sperling. He elaborated, “We rely on services provided by workers, and those workers need affordable housing in Bonita Springs.”

Gated community stakeholders demonstrate a deep commitment to Habitat’s mission and have found enjoyment in working collectively to create a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Shadow Wood Volunteer Leader Pat Douglas believes an overwhelming majority of residents in gated communities have the desire to give back or volunteer. “In Shadow Wood, we have many opportunities to volunteer, and those that volunteer on a common cause develop a greater sense of community and bonding working together. Habitat allows us to bring together residents on a common purpose,” he said.

Habitat for Humanity relies on support from gated communities and the associated neighborhood committees, with a proven model of success. If you would like to help your neighborhood and(or) community partner with Habitat for Humanity to support affordable homeownership in Southwest Florida, please contact VP of Community Outreach, Vince Modarelli, to learn more about the community activation model, or (239) 800-5205.

Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.