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Habitat for Humanity helping those affected by Hurricane Ian find housing


ABC-7 News – November 3, 2022 – FORT MYERS

Long-term recovery and permanent housing – that is the goal at Habitat. But they, too, are part of a group that’s looking for a way to start over.

Habitat gets $2.5M to rebuild low-income areas of Lee County


WINK News – November 1, 2022 – FORT MYERS

Lee County commissioners approved $4 million in grant money from the state so that organizations can rebuild homes in low-income areas damaged by Hurricane Ian.

Habitat for Humanity provides tools for those struggling with debt


WINK News – September 19, 2022 – LEE COUNTY

Florida has the third most credit card debt in the U.S., according to a WalletHub study. Habitat for Humanity gives you the tools to knock out that debt.

Previous Stories


October 2022

10/27: ABC-7 – Habitat for Humanity helping those affected by Hurricane Ian find housing

September 2022

9/19: WINK – Habitat for Humanity provides tools to help those struggling with debt, housing
9/1: Toti Media – Going Green: From gifts to gear to gadgets, you can make eco-friendly choices

August 2022

8/21: NBC-2 – Habitat for Humanity, FGCU softball team raise walls of family’s future home
8/20: WINK – Habitat for Humanity, FGCU softball team raise walls of future home for family
8/19: WINK – American Sign Language teacher moves into her new home
8/5: WINK – American Sign Language teacher worked to raise the walls of her own home

July 2022

7/29: ABC-7 – High housing costs have more people seeking affordable housing
7/9: WINK – Habitat for Humanity helps build a new home for SWFL family
7/1: – Upgrades & additional affordable housing coming to Lee County

June 2022

6/25: Naples Daily – Dream Realized: First family moves into new Bonita Habitat home
6/22: Florida Weekly – Habitat 4 Humanity Lee and Hendry Counties Women Build 2022
6/22: NBC-2 – Upgrades and additional affordable housing coming to Lee County
6/22: Business Observer – Lee County allocates $7.5M in federal funds for affordable housing
6/13: News-Press (print edition) – Building Dreams: Women Build campaign raises $517k for affordable housing in Southwest Florida

May 2022

5/24: Florida Weekly – Habitat for Humanity of Lee, Hendry Counties Women Build party
5/19: FOX 4 – Habitat for Humanity providing homes for 29 new families
5/12: ABC-7 – FineMark National Bank donates $1 million to Habitat for Humanity for affordable housing
5/12: FOX 4 – Habitat for Humanity looking to create more affordable housing in Lee, Hendry Counties
5/7: FOX 4 – Harlem Heights mother and family celebrate new home just in time for Mother’s Day
5/7: WINK – Mother’s Day made special by Habitat for Humanity home for single mother
5/5: NBC-2 – Habitat for Humanity helps to fill affordable housing gap

April 2022

4/11: ABC-7 – ReStore is here to help update your home decor
4/1: WINK – Fort Myers teacher, single mother of 3 to close soon on Habitat for Humanity home
4/1: Business Observer – One stop shopping: Sale of Building materials raise money for affordable housing

March 2022

3/29: ABC-7 – Decluttering and Spring Cleaning with ReStore from Habitat for Humanity
3/23: Florida Weekly – Women Build 2022 campaign kickoff party for Habitat for Humanity
3/21: WINK – Where to find used, and sometimes free, DIY supplies in SWFL for your next project
3/22: Bay Watch News – 18, 341, 79, 28 and 80?
3/9: WGCU – Habitat for Humanity brings more affordable housing to Bonita Springs

February 2022

2/26: WINK – Habitat for Humanity builds home for mother of 6
2/2: Florida Weekly – Area Habitat for Humanity names chair, board members

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