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Habitat mom reflects on her family’s transformation

By June 24, 2020February 11th, 2021No Comments

Yaseli’s son, Anthony, joined the Navy in 2019.

When Yaseli approached Habitat for Humanity about affordable homeownership in 2014, the urgency was evident. As a single mother of four children, Yaseli worked hard cleaning homes, but with $1200 in rent due every month—saving was impossible, and the family often sacrificed spending on crucial necessities.

Making matters worse, Yaseli and her children were frequently subjected to hostile treatment and racist comments from neighbors. “It was scary for my kids and me. They’d be playing outside, and people would yell…go back to Mexico, go back to your country.”

She always dreamed that one day, her family would own a home in a decent community where her children would be safe. And through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity, her dream would become a reality. “I bought my home in 2015, and ever since I partnered with Habitat, my life has changed for the better, my kids are happy, and we finally have a stable environment.”

With her housing costs cut in half, Yaseli felt empowered and began building a better life. In the following years, she put herself through beauty school and opened a salon that now employs several stylists. “Saving on housing, it made such a big difference for us.”

Beyond improvements in their material and economic conditions, the children’s mental and physical health improved dramatically. They began doing better in school, and recently, the family celebrated two impressive accomplishments—Yaseli’s eldest son, Anthony, joining the Navy, and her second son, Luis, graduating high-school and now pursuing a degree in engineering.

“I’m very proud of my children and everything they’ve achieved.”

Through it all, Yaseli is quick to encourage others in need of safe and affordable housing to consider Habitat.

“I want others to know that Habitat is an amazing organization that has helped us achieve our goals. Now, I hardly ever stress about money and our living situation. We have a safe home that my kids love, and if you desire a home, Habitat will help you find something that fits your family.”

You can help families like Yaseli’s achieve the American Dream of homeownership by donating securely online at 

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