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Majorca Palms

Majorca Palms Estates Property Owners Association, Inc. is a 25.35-acre community within the Fort Myers City limits. Majorca Palms has single family and villa homes which make up the 108-unit community. This community has a pavilion and 2 playgrounds are scheduled to break ground in July 2019, one for tots and the other for five and up. Lawn maintenance is provided by the association, so there is no need pay for a lawn mower.

Neighborhood Associations is a means creating change in your community.  If there are problems such as people speeding in your neighborhood, the most effective method of dealing with it is to get together with your neighbors, contacting local law enforcement and looking out for each other.  Associations are a great way to meet your advocate, as well as advocate for your concerns.

As a homeowner in Majorca Palms, we want you to be an active and engaged member of your community.  You have overcome many obstacles in your life and you are in a solid place from which to continue building your life, your family, and your community.