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What is a Global Village trip?

Annual Global Village trips are organized by Habitat for Humanity of Lee and Hendry Counties. They provide volunteers a unique opportunity to serve families around the world in need of affordable housing.

The short-term trips focus on service and connecting volunteers to Habitat’s mission; however, time is designated for volunteers to experience culture, explore the country, and connect with local residents on a personal level.

How does Habitat choose a destination?

As a faith-based organization, ten percent of undesignated revenue is tithed to Habitat International to support home construction in developing nations. To date, tithes from Habitat for Humanity of Lee and Hendry Counties have financed nearly 1,000 homes worldwide.

Our annual tithe is accompanied by a Global Village trip to maximize the impact of giving. Nations served in recent years include Nicaragua, Guatemala, Lesotho, and the Dominican Republic.

How is volunteering abroad different?

Many Global Village participants are dedicated volunteers in Lee and Hendry Counties. They are accustomed to a certain structure of volunteering with our affiliate. But, many Habitat affiliates in developed nations build differently styled homes, use unfamiliar tools, and have flexible operating practices.

This allows volunteers to learn new skills, improvise as needed, and create a memorable experience, unlike any they’ve had before. However, as different as the volunteer experience may be, the mission of serving families in need of decent housing remains.

Is volunteering on a Global Village Trip right for me?

Our Global Village trips offer more than an opportunity to swing a hammer. Volunteers are immersed in the local culture, work alongside Habitat families, and develop lasting friendships with fellow attendees.

If you support Habitat’s vision of creating a world where everyone has a decent place to live and enjoy new experiences, then a Global Village trip is perfect for you.

Attend a Global Village Information Meeting for our next trip!