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Bonita Bay

“It’s a dream come true!”

By April 19, 2021No Comments

Prior to partnering with Habitat, Dustin and Meagan and their children, Oliver and Emily, were living in a very old and very expensive apartment. In this rental, the presence of black mold has affected their health, plus, frequent violent altercations in the community have left them feeling unsafe. Not to mention, the apartment was only two bedrooms, meaning little Emily had to share a room with her parents. They were all living together in a cramped space and due to their concerns about the neighborhood, Meagan never really felt safe taking their children outside to play.

Dustin and Meagan spent months putting in their sweat equity hours alongside Bonita Bay’s Select Build Partners, plus, undergoing homeownership education, and saving for their closing costs. This home was generously sponsored by Terry and Susan Mulligan, and built by the residents of Bonita Bay. Through the community’s Raise the Roof campaign, the Bonita Bay committee collected donations from their friends and neighbors, raising a grand total of $691,000. When communities like Bonita Bay come together in the name of Habitat with this level of support, families like Dustin and Meagan’s are able to see their dreams of homeownership become reality.

After meeting all of their requirements, Dustin, Meagan, Emily, and Oliver came together with Terry and Susan, Bonita Bay residents, and Habitat employees to celebrate the completion of their home. “Thank you to everybody who had a hand in this… it’s just a dream come true!” Megan said at the home dedication. Now, thanks to their own hard work and the support they received from their homeownership advisor, Terry and Susan Mulligan, and the residents of Bonita Bay, this family finally has the home of their dreams.