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Heritage Heights

Heritage Heights Prayer Service of Thanksgiving

Brittany, Heritage Heights Homeowner since October 2021.

On the foggy Saturday morning of November 13, 2021, we gathered in Heritage Heights with donors, volunteers, board members, faith partners and homeowners for a Prayer Service of Thanksgiving. As one Habitat family, we prayed, worshiped and gave thanks in the neighborhood we built together.

In addition, we lit candles and acknowledged the oak tree planted near the neighborhood playground to honor the memory of Peter Daniel Bunce, grandson of Board Member Deb Penuel and her husband Jim. The oak tree is a symbol of wisdom, strength and endurance. It will provide a shady oasis for children and families in Heritage Heights—now and for generations to come.

To close out this special event, Heritage Heights Homeowner Brittany shared the following benediction:


“Loving and Gracious God,

We are so grateful to be here today, to give thanks for those that have been a blessing to this community. We are grateful for all the people who made this day possible, for those who have planned, volunteered, and donated so that families will have a home of their own.

We pray your blessing on all who have had a hand in this community. For those who labored with hammer and saw, for those who gave their financial resources, for those who coordinated and oversaw, for these families’ efforts, and for those who prayed to support this good work.

We thank you, God, for this day of gratitude and we bless this community in your name. Make it a safe and happy place filled with stories and laughter, where words of loving kindness and forgiveness are spoken, where love and dreams abound.

Together, may we continue to build a world where everyone has decent place to live. In God’s name, we pray,


Thank you to everyone who joined us for this event!